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Posted in anti-war, dc sds, resistance with tags , , on January 31, 2008 by Jasper Conner

So here is a reportback from our recent DC sds Dance Party Against the War, written by a Fairfax highschool student Rassah Ostad. The action was a part of Iraq Moratorium, coordinated actions against the war on the third friday of every month. Click the link to check out the new DC sds website with lots of footage and info about our next Dance Party Against the War on February 15th.

Funk the War! Drop Beats not Bombs!

Dupont circle renedz vous.

The emails went in and the people came out ready to dance. Last minute news filled inboxes around the city, and on Friday night, January 18, our music filled the streets.

We started at five and ended accomplished and ready for more and awesome three hours later.

Starting in the well-to-do Dupont circle and dancing our rout to the recruitment center about five blocks away. Stopping only briefly in front, we onward danced to the close by atrocity operating under the name Lockheed Martin. After a boot-out from the lobby, we overtook the entrance and soon after the street, adding to our ranks a few passer-bys, including one of the security guards in the lobby. Once we got it going in the street, showing both traffic and the police we were a force not to be reckoned with, we headed back to Dupont circle where we triumphantly and musically ended our party, and Funked the war.

Check out the video!!