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Baltimore Algebra Project Die-in at State Capitol

Posted in Baltimore Algebra Project, resistance, student power with tags , , on February 8, 2008 by Jasper Conner
The Baltimore Algebra Project, a student-led inter-school coalition of inner city youths, called for a die-in at the State House in Maryland’s state capital of Annapolis. Chanting “No Education, No Life!” 25 members of the Baltimore Algebra Project and their supporters were arrested for presenting a coffin to Governor O’Malley in absentia, representing the social death (and, chillingly pointed out by the picture on the coffin of Zachariah Hallback, a Baltimore Algebra project member who was recently shot to death in a robbery, actual deaths) of students who are denied a proper education. No charges were filed on any of the participants.The Baltimore Algebra Project has been organizing for years around the hundreds of millions of dollars denied to their public school system by current Governor O’Malley. This action was part of a Baltimore City Schools fieldtrip about the current state of affairs of public education in Maryland and on the Southern Freedom Movement of the 1960’s. DC sds accounted for 7 of the 25 arrested on the steps of State House (myelf included). DC sds is very excited to support BAP in all of their amazing organizing efforts and we look forward to future action as a means to building student power in this country and as a way for us to learn from our comradicals to the north who have their shit together.(for expediancy’s sake, some of this text was taken from the DC sds reportback written by Daniel Meltzer, and some of it is mine)

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