DC Students Protest Ridiculous Lunch Policy

On March 31st, 70 students from from Woodrow Wilson High School in NW DC participated in a walkout during the lunch period. Students were protesting a new policy of Chancellor Rhea. Rhea was a controversial choice for Chancellor of DC public schools considering her lack of experience, and the total absence of community input in her appointment by Mayor Fenty. Rhea has restricted lunch at Woodrow Wilson to the classroom in response to the arrest of students during a recent fight. The walkout, which last thirty minutes was not the only sign of resistance from students that day, as many wore black armbands to signify their discontent. Other students, such as Lena Solow, have been working on a policy to replace Rhea’s current restrictions, stating that “[they’re] not consulting parents, students or teachers”. The Mayor’s office has been repeatedly bungling education in the District, from the appointment of Rhea to the current plan to shut down 17 public schools, so although this ridiculous policy doesn’t come as a surprise, the resistance from students is certainly inspiring.

Some important notes:

Woodrow Wilson High School organizers of these amazing actions should get in touch with DC Students for a Democratic Society by leaving a comment or checking out our website at http://www.dc-sds.org

Folks interested in getting involved in the local struggle to resist Fenty’s destructive education policies should join the Coalition to Save Our Neighborhood Schools.

You should also check out EmpowerDC, a local grassroots organization that does amazing work to resist gentrification, support local schools, and increase government accountability.


Stats and Quote were pulled from Dion Haynes’ WP articles, linked below.





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