Apache Land Owners Resist Militarization of Mexico/US Boarder

I promise this blog will shortly be more than news clippings, but organizing takes lots of time, so the blogging is still just news.

Apache folks living on the Texas/Mexico boarder are being threatened with eminent domain by the Department of Homeland Security which has plans to build a wall through their land. This is just a piece of the wall planned by the US government to keep folks from Central America from migrating to the US.

So while the US continues to coerce countries around the world into accepting the neoliberal structural adjustments of the IMF, they refuse to accept that this will destroy local economies and force local folks to migrate to find better jobs. The United States seems to want to drop all boarders when it comes to capital, but build walls when it comes to people.

The US boarder wall is just one more example of militarization as a means to protecting the interests of global capital at the expense of whomever doesn’t have the power to resist.

Its interesting to read this article because it focuses on how folks north of the proposed wall are having their lives disrupted and destroyed which is not frequently a part of the current discourse. So having said its interesting, you should feel compelled to read it.

“Ya Basta! Enough is enough!” Blount said, repeating the phrase that became the battle cry of the Zapatistas in Mexico struggling for Indigenous Peoples’ rights.


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